Jun 18, 2017

Case study – Ms Yasmeen Khair – a member of the Jordanian women’s football team

Not only is Yasmeen Khair, a member of the Jordanian women’s football team, she also managed the dual task of promoting the U-17 Women’s World Cup in 2016 as the team’s ambassador– a significant role for Jordan.

She said at the time, “It was a great honour for me and I’m really proud to be one of the ambassadors of this tournament”.

This star caught the attention of her compatriots when she was a child, representing Jordan as one of the country’s most famous gymnast for many years. From an early age, she was nicknamed “The Butterfly’ because of her amazing all-round ability. She showed accuracy in the floor exercises, strength on the uneven bars, speed on the vault, and fitness on the balance beam, taking part in many competitions against opponents who were years older than her. Her hard work and flair resulted in winning medals of different classes, though her goal was always gold.

Ms Khair later went on to represent her country in a very different sport, becoming a member of the Jordanian women’s football team. Yasmeen took part in three Asian competitions and, alongside her team-mates, helped drive Jordan to the group stage of the Asian Women’s Cup 2014.

Yasmeen travelled to London to see Simon as a result of a nasty ankle injury caused by a tackle causing a massive re-rupture of her lateral ligaments which she originally had stabilised many years ago. Simon and his team were able to re-repair these for her successfully and augment this repair using the new system from Arthrex namely their internal brace. As seen in this video link demonstrating an anatomic repair of the ligaments, there is an artificial brace over the top of this repair which provides added protection when the ankle is maximally stressed. Yasmeen has now come out of her Aircast boot and is in the process of rehabilitating. Simon and the team anticipate Yasmeen being fit to return to play at full contact level at approximately twelve weeks post this surgery.


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