May 20, 2014

Teamwork: Best Practice in Patient Satisfaction Survey

In the spring of last year we were asked if we would like to have our practice audited by HCA’s patient experience survey: a comprehensive patient experience survey conducted by an independent organisation measuring scores across 4 patient categories.

After 64 patients were surveyed covering a six-month period, the result we achieved was excellent scores across all 4 groups: Referral, Appointments, Investigations and Next Steps. We were especially pleased that every single patient surveyed reported that they felt confident and reassured by our clinic and understood the information provided to them. Plus, 98% of our patients felt they had a prompt response – a testament to the effort our administration team put in to making our patients a priority.

What the patient satisfaction survey did was quantify the service for each practitioner, to ensure that the perception of service matches up with what we believe our practice is offering – and we are thrilled to see that our goals are being achieved.

One of the key factors in maintaining an excellent service is teamwork – so by giving everyone the responsibility to maintain high standards from the initial patient call to post recovery communications, you can be confident in the service you’re providing. I have an excellent PA with secretarial staff who answers the phone virtually immediately, or if not, within a few minutes, and returns a call quickly if it goes to answer phone. Patients are not turned away and every effort is made to see them within the time frame that suits including same day if requested – whether this be early or late, we will adapt to provide the best service.

By surveying our practice, we have been able to take on board both the positive and negative feedback from our patients/referrers. Going forwards it is important for us to continue to maintain a good service with high scores and we will continue to listen very closely to our patients, referrers and colleagues about how we deliver our practice. We have consistently looked for ways in which to improve our practice, and will continue to do this in the future because patient experience is an essential part of the recovery journey.


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