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Apr 11, 2023

Tapped out

Drinking filtered water gives you confidence that most of the nasties in tap water have been removed. It generally tastes better than your average tap…

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Wilderness Wellness

There are very few people who don’t know that proximity to nature is good for the soul. Lockdown brought it all to the fore. As never…

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Wim Hof Method – The Iceman Cometh

The Dutch extreme athlete is known not just for embracing hardcore freezing activities, but for no-less-hardcore breathing techniques, which involve a sort of meditative combination…

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Queen’s Tennis Club

Many top international players use the tournament as a warm-up for Wimbledon – finding their feet on a grass surface after playing on the red…

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Memories Of South France and Simon Moyes

I first met Simon Moyes in 2015. The setting was at a pretty picturesque retreat in the South of France run by the Luxury Wellness…

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spiral strands of dna

Cancer diagnosis breakthrough

Mutations in cells can help to diagnose cancer years, or even decades, before symptoms appear, according to a new study published in Nature magazine. Looking…

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Visit to the Reddington Hospital group in Lagos

Visit to the Reddington Hospital group in Lagos

Myself, Phil Luce and Fadil, the head of international marketing, visited Lagos and Abuja a couple of weeks ago to look at partnering up with…

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Foreign Languages

Foreign languages protect your brain

Research carried out by a team at the University of Reading tested the idea that there’s an advantage for bilinguals when it comes to neurodegenerative…

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Spice up your life

A recent study showed that eating chilli pepper regularly can lower your risk of dying from chronic illnesses by as much as 23%. Researchers at…

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Globally Inactive Young

Global warning

A World Health Organisation report in November 2019 claimed 80% of the world’s children are not active enough. This is based on data from 1.6…

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