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Jun 25, 2021

What Are The Most Common Cycling Injuries and When to Seek Treatment?

What Causes Cycling Injuries? Whether you’re a recreational or a pro cyclist, whether road biking or mountain biking, injuries are most often caused by overuse,…

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Returning to the gym after lockdown

Returning to the gym after lockdown

Our exercise habits have changed significantly during the COVID-19 lockdowns and subsequent reduced access to gyms and sports facilities. Many of us have been cautious…

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sir john royden

An Interview with Sir John Royden

John Royden is a patient of ours who takes on the challenge to swim 42 miles swimming across Lake Geneva this summer for The Brain Tumour Charity….

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Most Common Golf Injuries

What Are the Most Common Golf Injuries?

If you are a regular golf player, it’s highly likely that you have suffered some pain or discomfort from it at some point. While it’s…

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Climbing Injuries: Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

Climbing Injuries: Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

Climbing is one of the fastest-growing sports in the UK. It is estimated that more than 1 million people take part in rock climbing in…

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figure skating injuries

Common Figure Skating Injuries

Figure skating is one of the most high-impact sports around. While it used to be all about gliding around on the ice with beauty and…

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Athlete Swimming

An Interview Between Sir John Royden and Capital Orthopaedics

John Royden is a driven man. He first swam across the Channel in 1993 – without a wetsuit, as is the custom for cross-Channelers. Over…

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Surfer Related Injuries

The Most Common Surfer Related Injuries and When to Seek...

But what about the injuries and conditions that affect your body’s function? From muscle strain to shoulder pain and from tweaked backs to ankle injuries,…

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staying fit in lockdown

How to Stay Fit in Lockdown

It’s nothing new to hear that our mental health and physical fitness are intrinsic to each other. Study after study shows that staying fit helps…

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Experiences in the Area of Skiing

Simon Moyes Shares His Experiences in the Area of Skiing

Meet Simon Moyes, Orthopaedic Surgeon to the stars, with a busy private clinic in London. He has treated some of the biggest names in film,…

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