We are a leading private orthopaedic and sports medicine practice in London.

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We specialise in arthroscopic surgery.

This highly sophisticated technique means you spend less time in hospital and are more likely to make a quick recovery.

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Our mission is to make you better

with the most advanced medical treatments and, if necessary, minimally invasive procedures.

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We pioneer new approaches to optimise patient outcomes.


We create a calm, efficient and empathetic environment.


We tailor treatments to your individual needs and lifestyle.

What our clients say

High speed again

“It feels great to be pain-free and able to walk at high speed again.”

Cevat Riza | November 17, 2017

Incredibly attentive

“The nurses and various professionals who cared for me on the day of my operation were incredibly attentive.”

Alastair Crowhurst | November 17, 2017

Able to walk like a 35-year-old

“Thank you for helping me to be pain-free and able to walk like a 35-year-old should do. You carried out my knee arthroscopy surgery which went exactly as you said it would.”

Nik Patel | November 17 2017

Thank you for your support

“Thank you for your support when I was so many thousands of miles away. I was most appreciative that you took the time and trouble to correspond with me.”

Judith Shrank | November 17 2017
Step 1

Step 1

Talk to Christine or Margaret to book a same-day appointment

Step 2

Step 2

Consultation with a surgeon and appropriate imaging including MRI and ultrasound scan

Step 3

Step 3

A personalised treatment programme is made

Step 4

Step 4

Your treatment is completed

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