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For a consultation with a highly experienced orthopaedic surgeon in London, click here.

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Phone: 020 7323 0040
Email: simonmoyes@simonmoyes.com

Private Orthopaedic Surgeon in London

Headed by Mr Simon Moyes, the Capital Orthopaedics team includes expert radiologists, physicians, nurses and physiotherapists to provide holistic care for all musculoskeletal conditions. To book an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon in London, click here.

Private Orthopaedic Surgeon in London

Orthopaedic Surgeon That Specialises in Sports Injuries

Patients visiting the Platinum Medical Centre benefit from cutting-edge diagnostic technology, along with a team of sports medicine professionals to aid your rehabilitation. Supported by the multi-skilled staff, Capital Orthopaedics can provide all aspects of treatment, whether it’s a physiotherapy programme, minimally invasive surgery for tissue repair, joint preservation, or complete joint replacement surgery.

Diagnosis and treatment of Shoulder Conditions & Injuries

Offering expert diagnosis and treatment for a range of shoulder problems, Simon Moyes and his team specialise in arthroscopic / keyhole orthopaedic surgery. The team of expert physiotherapists offers comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation plans for an effective recovery from shoulder conditions.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Knee Conditions and Injuries

Whether you have a minor sports-related knee injury or require complete knee replacement surgery, the Capital Orthopaedics team provides highly skilled diagnosis, non-surgical and surgical treatment for all knee problems.

Diagnosis of Ankle Conditions & Injuries

The ankle is the most commonly injured joint in the body, with often debilitating effects. We diagnose and treat ankle conditions including sprains, fractures, arthritis, loose bodies, footballer’s ankle, Achilles tendon problems and cysts.

Diagnosis and treatment of Foot Conditions & Injuries

Your foot is highly complex and damage to its structure can seriously restrict your mobility. We diagnose and treat foot conditions including osteoarthritis, bunions, fractures, Morton’s Neuroma, toe deformities, plantar fasciitis and the causes of heel pain.

Diagnosis of Elbow Conditions & Injuries

Providing a one-stop-shop consultation, diagnosis and treatment plan for a range of elbow conditions, including Tennis Elbow, elbow instability, Golfer’s Elbow, and loose bodies.

Book an Appointment with an Orthopaedic Specialist

The Capital Orthopaedics team is made up of highly experienced medical professionals – from Mr Simon Moyes, the renowned orthopaedic consultant surgeon, to physicians, nurses, anaesthetists and physiotherapists.
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