Feb 10, 2017

Partnership with Oxygene ski school

Simon skies regularly in Val d’Isere and has just returned from a long weekend there. He first encountered the very impressive Oxygene Ski School approximately five years ago when he was introduced to Pierre, the founder through a friend of a friend. Pierre was an amazing instructor and he says “I was fortunate enough to have some one on one lessons from him and on subsequent visits over the last five as there is always room for improvement! Oxygene Ski School has grown enormously and in my opinion is the best in Val d’Isere.

We partnered with Oxygene for tips and advice from its top skiing instructors.

A brief point summary for amateur skiers below includes tips such as:

Clothing – invest in warm technical tops and trousers to allow for a much better skiing or snowboarding experience
Equipment – discover your style when you feel ready, and start looking into the different equipment options out there
Attitude–Prevent the tantrums and tears, aswell as injuries and get into neutral mode to avoid disappointment.


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