Jun 25, 2019

Coffee won’t harm you

A new study has shown that even high consumption of coffee won’t have a negative effect on your body

Coffee will certainly stop you from sleeping but apparently even drinking up to 25 cups per day does not damage the heart. Earlier research had found that coffee drinking could cause blood vessels to stiffen, making the heart have to pump harder and raising blood pressure.

coffee wont harm you

However, researchers from Queen Mary University in London assessed the arteries of over 8,000 adults in the UK, and found that the amount of coffee they drank had no impact on their arteries. The study determined that once factors such as smoking, weight and age were factored in, they discovered the vessels of heavier consumers of coffee, i.e. between three and 25 cups per day, were no stiffer than those who were light or average drinkers of up to three cups per day.

The co-author Dr Kenneth Fung stated, “My research indicates coffee is not as bad for the arteries as previous studies would suggest”.

The FT has commented that this particular study was one of many to debunk health fears associated with coffee. They concluded that researchers found that coffee does not cause cancer, dementia, stomach ulcers, osteoporosis, liver damage or gallstones.

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