Aug 06, 2018

Nuts sow the seed of stronger sperm

orthopaedic surgeon

A fascinating Spanish study by Rovira i Virgili University in Tarragona has shown that eating almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts can have significantly boost both the quality and quantity of a man’s sperm.

In the study, nearly 120 healthy young men were split into two separate groups. They all followed a standard Western diet, but half of them ate 60 grams of mixed nuts a day, while the rest avoided them. Three months later, the sperm counts of the “nuts group” proved to be 16% higher than those of the other group.

Quality and quantity weren’t the only improvements; there were also notable improvements in vitality, as shown by swimming ability and shape, thought to be due to the high content of selenium, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids contained in nuts.

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