Oct 22, 2010

Simon Moyes Launches Online Library of Study Resources

Leading orthopaedic surgeon creates library of resources for healthcare professionals studying shoulder and ankle arthroscopy.

I am pleased to announce that a large number of free resources for healthcare professionals studying arthroscopic surgery.

The comprehensive list of resources includes video demonstrations, detailed body cross sections and documents outlining all aspects of shoulder and ankle arthroscopy.

My aim is to help share my knowledge with the next generation.

orthopaedic surgeon

These online resources are designed to provide patients and healthcare professionals with a valuable and detailed portfolio of information to aid their studies and enhance their understanding of the processes associated with conducting arthroscopic surgery.

The resources focus on all areas of arthroscopy, from prevention to diagnosis and from operation through to recovery.

Information provided also includes: the layout of the theatre, instrumentation used, the historical background and development of procedures.

The materials are updated regularly and can be found within a bespoke area of the ankle and shoulder arthroscopy websites called “Surgeons’ Site”. These sections are full of useful diagrams, videos and documents relating to each specific type of arthroscopic surgery offered at my London-based clinics.

For those who don’t know, arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive procedure for treating problems in most of the major joints in the body: ankle, knee, hip and shoulder. The procedure involves the surgeon making two or more tiny incisions, through which cameras and instruments can be inserted.

Throughout the coming months, we will be adding new video content to each website in addition to my YouTube page. This will include descriptive study tools to provide further insight into the wide range of issues associated with the treatment of ankle and shoulder injuries.

To view the full range of resources, visit the surgeon’s area of the Ankle Arthroscopy site here and the surgeon’s area of the Shoulder Arthroscopy site here.

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