Mar 25, 2019

Water works

How clean is your tap water? WET Global is one organisation focusing on removing the insidious pollutants in our drinking water

clean tap water

The water we get from our taps is polluted. While tap water in some countries can make you sick very quickly, tap water in developed countries like the UK is likely to have a more insidious effect on our long-term health.

From oestrogen, pesticides and nitrates to micro plastics and arsenic, there seems to be no way we can avoid the hidden contaminants – not to mention the chemicals that are deliberately added to the water, such as chlorine and fluorine. However, there are new technologies being developed that clean and even enhance polluted water to make it suitable for consumption.

The pressure on our water reserves is immense, so recycling it and purifying it at source helps to reduce the drain on this diminishing resource. Organisations such as WET Global are focused on doing just this: treating waste water from industries to remove all of its pollutants, and offering purifying and enhancing systems to public and domestic drinking water. Their aim is to improve the quality of water at source or within the home, while reducing the dependency on single-use plastic bottles, which not only pollute the environment, but also leach harmful chemicals into the so-called pure spring water they contain…

Simon Moyes’ focus on the holistic approach to health and a passion for the environment has led him to support the pioneering work of WET Global. The organisation’s Pure Ionic drinking water system has also been endorsed by sports scientists and nutritionists, and is available in the training grounds of Chelsea Football Club, Manchester City and Leicester Tigers.

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