Feb 19, 2020

Visit to the Reddington Hospital group in Lagos

Partnering up with local health providers in Nigeria

Myself, Phil Luce and Fadil, the head of international marketing, visited Lagos and Abuja a couple of weeks ago to look at partnering up with a number of local health providers. The visit proved very successful as we have established excellent working relationships with both the Reddington group and a number of other Agencies.

Visit to the Reddington Hospital group in Lagos

The aim is to both develop a telemedicine service for clients in Nigeria generally, to assist local orthopaedic groups with their MDT meetings, advise them on the management of complex cases, and finally establish a pipeline whereby they can refer more complicated cases in to us at the Cromwell Hospital and similarly manage our post-op patients back in Nigeria for us.

This was our first meeting visit and we are due to go out again later this year to Lagos Abuja and Port Harcourt.

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