Jan 22, 2019

Mountain magic

The VivaMayr clinic in Austria is more than a wellbeing retreat. Simon Moyes is impressed by the medical science behind this Alpine facility

I first came across the VivaMayr Clinic in Altaussee in Austria just over two years ago, after it had been repeatedly recommended to me by numerous patients and friends. When I first visited in October 2016, I went with a sense of trepidation, wondering whether I would actually enjoy it, or indeed get any benefit out of it.

It certainly has an excellent reputation and I was very keen to experience it first-hand before going on to recommend it to my own clients. My first impressions were of peace, space and tranquillity – partly thanks to its location on the shores of Lake Altaussee at the foot of the Alps. The surroundings are stunning at all times of the year.

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I was incredibly impressed by the friendliness and approachability of all the staff, not just the physicians. In my view, it represents a perfect combination for those who are looking for rest, relaxation and health. I try and get there twice a year now, and find it invigorating, life enhancing, and probably life-extending.

In a nutshell, modern Mayr medicine produces a holistic, healthy, detoxifying diet which is individualised after an initial assessment, but most patients are put on a low-calorie diet in the first few days to detoxify and generate a state of fat metabolism known as ketosis. After a couple of days of having a mild sense of hunger, headache and fatigue, you suddenly feel very peaceful and energised, and your energy levels continue to get better and better as the days pass. I always sleep incredibly well there, and that in itself is very energising and that benefit is brought back when I return to the UK.

I have now developed a close working relationship with Doctor Sepp Fegerl, the Medical Director, and frequently recommend both the Austrian Clinic and its Harley Street branch to many of my patients and friends. Every time I visit, I always think – Damn, I should have stayed a few days longer…

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