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We specialise in arthroscopic surgery.

This highly sophisticated technique means you spend less time in hospital and are more likely to make a quick recovery.

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Our mission is to make you better

with the most advanced medical treatments and, if necessary, minimally invasive procedures

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We pioneer new approaches to optimise patient outcomes.


We create a calm, efficient and empathetic environment.


We tailor treatments to your individual needs and lifestyle.

Jun 25, 2019

Coffee won’t harm you

A new study has shown that even high consumption of coffee won’t have a negative effect on your body

Jun 25, 2019

Robot surgery

The New Scientist reports that surgical robots are becoming increasingly popular – in spite of little evidence that they are more effective than standard surgery

Jun 25, 2019

How much exercise do you really need?

The average person in the US takes fewer than 5,000 steps a day, and in the UK it isn’t much more. Anthropologist Herman Pontzer looks at how much we need for optimum health


Doctor 360


of patients would recommend him



Doctor 360


of patients would recommend him



The Doctor 360: Patient Feedback Report is a mandatory revalidation tool for doctors that shows the most realistic picture of their performance from patients’ perspectives.

"The fact that Mr Moyes has almost always received the highest rating on the scale - and has results going above the very high benchmark - is testament to his outstanding work and professionalism."

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What our clients say

High speed again

“It feels great to be pain-free and able to walk at high speed again.”

Cevat Riza | November 17, 2017

Incredibly attentive

“The nurses and various professionals who cared for me on the day of my operation were incredibly attentive.”

Alastair Crowhurst | November 17, 2017

Able to walk like a 35-year-old

“Thank you for helping me to be pain-free and able to walk like a 35-year-old should do. You carried out my knee arthroscopy surgery which went exactly as you said it would.”

Nik Patel | November 17 2017

Thank you for your support

“Thank you for your support when I was so many thousands of miles away. I was most appreciative that you took the time and trouble to correspond with me.”

Judith Shrank | November 17 2017

Very professional

“Having suffered increasing pain, stiffness and lack of sleep for a few months, a great ‘Google’ about Frozen Shoulder led me to read about Hydrodilation injections with Mr Moyes. A phone call, an appointment within days and treatment on my first visit. It’s amazing that in just 4 weeks I have gone from fairly intense pain and hardly any movement to pretty much no pain and so much more movement. Wow!
The whole experience with you all was very professional and I was, despite being a bit nervous of the needle, made to feel at ease and looked after”.

Nicola McBride, Frozen shoulder | October 9 2018

Simon and his team are fantastic

“Simon and his team are fantastic. From the first consultation to the post op review I could not have been looked after more thoroughly. The donor ligament option for my cruciate replacement was inspired and made the recovery so much easier and quicker. I was back on my skis within the year and am currently training as a yoga teacher! Thank you for making the whole process so smooth and efficient”.

Derran Perkins | November 29 2018

The team went above and beyond

“After unsuccessful physiotherapy, I was fortunate to be referred to Simon Moyes who performed shoulder decompression surgery on both my shoulders and later performed a rotator cuff repair.I cannot fault the care I received from both Mr Moyes, his nursing staff and his assistants. Appointments were made with ease and I felt the team went above and beyond to ensure I was given the best care available to me”.

Kelly Truly | November 28 2018

Step 1

Talk to Christine or Margaret to book a same-day appointment

Step 2 - orthopaedic consultation with a surgeon and appropriate imaging including MRI and ultrasound scan

Step 2

Consultation with a surgeon and appropriate imaging including MRI and ultrasound scan

Step 3 - experienced orthopaedic and sports injury consultants put together a personalised treatment programme

Step 3

A personalised treatment programme is made

Step 4

Your treatment is completed

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