Jul 31, 2019

Smart Shoulder Rehab

A hi-tech rehab system is designed to reduce the effects of shoulder pain – and the burden on the NHS

A surprising 2.4% of all primary care consultations in the UK are to do with shoulder pain.  There is very strong evidence to suggest that the majority of this shoulder pain could be managed successfully with exercise-based treatments. But getting patients to engage with – and stick to – an appropriate exercise regime is vital in gaining positive outcomes.

Smart Shoulder Rehab

It is notoriously difficult to target and rehabilitate specific issues within the rotator cuff (like an inner tube of muscles and tendons). The MUJO system uses a sit-on machine that tracks specific areas of restriction in shoulder movement, and sets rehab programmes for each individual.

The bespoke programme uses visual feedback from integrated iPad and sensors, helping patients perform exercises correctly and target right muscles. Surgeons and physiotherapists can use the programme to specify a ‘safe zone’ in which to exercise without causing undue stress post-operatively or during rehab.

An interesting study was undertaken to look at the usability of this system from both a patient and clinicians’ perspective. Patients with shoulder problems were identified by an experienced physiotherapist and invited to participate.

Ten patients were interviewed in the study and the internal and external devices were seen as having potential to rehabilitate the rotator cuff. Both clinicians and patients found that the visual feedback enhanced the rehabilitation experience.  It was concluded that both clinicians and patients found that this system as an acceptable way to perform appropriate shoulder exercises.

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