Apr 22, 2016

How Stem Cell Treatments Are Revolutionising Healthcare

Simon Moyes, one of the UK’s leading orthopaedic surgeons, is now offering stem cell treatment for some cartilage repair and regeneration

Stem cell treatment, otherwise known as autologous stem cell transplantation, harvests the patient’s own stem cells from their abdominal fat or bone marrow. These cells are then introduced at a later date to ‘kick-start’ the immune system and fight off any harmful cells.

Simon Moyes, one of the UK’s leading orthopaedic surgeons, is now offering stem cell treatment for some cartilage repair and regeneration. Simon comments, “Stem cell research and treatment is moving at such a fast and exciting pace. I genuinely believe it is revolutionary to medicine.”

stem cell therapy

Simon has undertaken his own research into current developments in stem cell technology for cartilage regeneration over the last two years. In the past twelve months, Simon has specifically looked at a number of manufacturing companies specialising in orthopaedic products that have developed systems to utilise stem cells taken from bone marrow. He is currently working with these companies to assess the efficacy of new regenerative orthopaedic treatments.

Simon adds: “One of the manufacturing companies I’ve been speaking with is Regeneus, which recently underwent a trial in Sydney whereby stem cells were taken from a patient’s fat and injected into arthritic knees and to augment other arthroscopic joint restoration surgery. In 80 per cent of patients, the injection into arthritic knees produced an 80 per cent reduction in arthritic symptoms.”
Simon is also working with colleagues
at the University College London, to look at further enhancing stem cell techniques and stem cell banking.

Simon’s own stem cell experience

Simon was introduced to Natural Biosciences by colleagues in the UK and eventually travelled to Zürich in 2013 as part of a
trial for Natural Biosciences, a company specialising in the production of stem cell derived microvesicles.

The treatment involved harvesting fat-derived stem cells then expanding them in
a laboratory, stressing them to release micro vesicles and then injecting them either focally or intravenously depending upon the need. Natural Biosciences treatments aim to use these micro vesicles for multiple uses including the treatment of arthritis but also optimising organ function. Simon has a number of friends and patients who have also travelled to Switzerland for similar treatments. The team from Natural Biosciences is relocating to the UK.

Simon Moyes is an internationally renowned orthopaedic surgeon. His Capital Orthopaedics team works at Basinghall Clinic in London, with its state-of-the-art diagnostic and surgical equipment, and top sports medicine professionals. Contact Simon Moyes for an expert diagnosis and treatment.

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