Dec 19, 2011

Simon Moyes teams up with Smith & Nephew to launch pioneering new website

Simon Moyes is pioneering a brand new website which will for the first time record arthroscopic operations from the surgeon’s viewpoint and footage of the same operation from inside the actual joint, simultaneously.

The “Arthroscopic Atlas” is being developed by Simon Moyes and Smith & Nephew, the company which develops advanced medical devices for healthcare professionals around the world. The website is primarily aimed at students, junior surgeons and patients who want to learn more about how such operations are carried out.

Visitors to the website, which is expected to go live in January, will be able to watch Simon Moyes performing ankle arthroscopy, with two cameras capturing the procedure outside the ankle, focusing on what instruments he uses and his hand movements, as the talks through the various processes while he operates.

At the same time, a tiny arthroscopic camera inside the ankle will capture the actual procedure itself and the spectrum of different stages.

The two recorded videos will be showed on a split screen in real time, giving a unique new dimension to operations.

Traditionally, such techniques have been learnt by text book, watching surgeons in theatre and viewing video footage from inside joints. However, this is the first time these two processes have been married together, so they can be watched at the same time, and specific parts of the operation carried out by Simon Moyes can be paused or replayed, with the corresponding surgical techniques scrutinised.

Simon Moyes believes the Arthroscopic Atlas provides a breakthrough by giving many more people access to the inners workings of specific techniques.

“It is often challenging for people learning these techniques to know where to position their hands, what minute movements can do, and this is done in real time which increases the pressure for those who are new to the technique. However, this new website will help give them more time to really get to learn various procedures, meaning they should be more competent and prepared when they come to do the real thing”.

Simon Moyes also hopes the website will appeal to patients who want to know more about arthroscopic surgery and may make them feel more at ease ahead of any operations they are due to have.

Simon Moyes was filmed by the Smith & Nephew team at a theatre in the Wellington Hospital, in St John’s Wood, where the surgeon holds regular clinics. Although the new website initially features ankle arthroscopy, Simon Moyes and his team plan to film further procedures on knees and shoulders in 2012, which can then be added to the site.

“This is truly one of the most exciting developments in surgical training for a generation”, said Simon Moyes.


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